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Therapy means ‘care’. This meaning stresses the dual function of art therapy. The first one is about the therapeutic relationship. The support of the art therapist is essential so as to guide the artistic experience and help the person gain significance from it, making the connections with his/her life. The other equally important aspect of it is about the actual participation of the person in the creative process, giving a personal meaning to his/her work of art.

There is usually the misconception that in order to gain from art therapy people need to know how to paint .The creation pf a work of art, during the therapeutic process, does not require any art training. It is a natural experience provided that all of us have the ability to be creative through art. The end is the artistic expression using art. Painting and/or drawing is something more than what we can say using words. It is a way to identify our true self; using the language of communication we had learned when we were children.

Even though there are some global symbols, the way people express themselves is very personal. The making of a work bears the story of its creator and includes life experiences, cultural influences and personal beliefs. In this way the person making an image signifies its meaning. The art therapist is there to help the person process the image and connect to its meaning.

Art therapy is a method with special properties that help people rectify, transform and self-explore. It enacts the visual thinking of organizing emotions and beliefs about the world around us. It expresses something more than words. It is an activity, in which we use our hands (sensory experience), that allows the release of feelings, bringing about ‘catharsis’ in the form of relief. The making of the work of art provides us with the opportunity of a permanent record of meanings, experiences and feelings. Grace, harmony, beauty and balance are part of the multiple benefits of the visual arts, The relationship that is built with the art therapist and the other members of the group, when group therapy takes place, encourage personal development ans self-esteem.

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“Knowing thyself” (gnothi sauton) is the actual getting to knowing ourselves. Its true essence lies in caring for the soul, self-awareness, awareness of our skills, abilities and potential. It helps us understand the way we could act in order to gain the real self-awareness.

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