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Experiential Workshop Art as Therapy in the Archaeological Museum of Tinos

DATE: 24/8/2023 | News

Sophia Koukourli, Art Psychotherapist

The Mosaic

"The Mosaic- Experiential Workshop Art as Therapy in the Archaeological Museum of Tinos" is addressed to students of primary school and will take place on the 23rd of September 2023, starting from 09.30 am.

It is an experiential workshop that gives children the opportunity to express themselves through a symbolic way and process matters of their interest and of their concern getting inspiration from the area of the Archaeological Museum.

Freud attempted a connection of the science of Psychoanalysis with Archaeology and perceived the human soul as a “field under excavation” in order to bring primary memories to the surface. Today, we focus more on the way these memories emerge in the present.

Art as Therapy offers the students a creative way of expression and us the opportunity to see things through their own point of view.

Start – Group duration:

1st group: 09.30 – 10.00

2nd group: 10.15 – 10.45

3rd group: 11.00 – 11.30

Material: is provided by the Art Therapist

Participation Cards:

The participation of the students in the Experiential workshop can only be granted by issuing a participation card.

The parent will receive the card after contacting us on the telephone +30 6943 470 586 and until all available places are covered.

The participation card will mention the data of the participant, in order to ensure free entrance in the Archaeological Museum of Tinos, as well as the data of the group that will participate in.

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“Knowing thyself” (gnothi sauton) is the actual getting to knowing ourselves. Its true essence lies in caring for the soul, self-awareness, awareness of our skills, abilities and potential. It helps us understand the way we could act in order to gain the real self-awareness.

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