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Speech at the 1st International Conference on Children’s Welfare 5-6/7/2019, Panteion University of Social and Political Studies

DATE: 7/7/2019 | News

Sophia Koukourli, Art Psychotherapist

“My World΄s Image” Groups of creative Development through Painting (Art as Therapy) - An improvement measure on Children’s Welfare

Detecting the consequences of the financial crisis in Greece in terms of children’s welfare is viewed as necessary in assessing children’s welfare, as was presented in the 1st International Conference on Children’s Welfare.

“People coming from a lower socio-economic background during childhood are in greater danger of developing major depression (1,69 to 2,07 times more) than those from higher ones, irrespective of their course of life, even after their adulthood”. (Efthimiou et al., 2013)

Children are sensitive beings that try to understand the facts and the situations of their environment. The project Art as Therapy allows children by painting to create; construct an ‘Image of the World’  as they experience it in their inner, sensitive world and then gives them the opportunity to transform this image. Children creating transform the world around them.

Having the belief that the wisest measure to deal with present and future consequences of any crisis is prevention, data were presented coming from the project ‘Art as Therapy’ that was carried out with groups of Primary School children in Tinos and Athens from 2017 to 2019, as an improvement measure in Children’s welfare.

Finally, it was stressed that all we have to do is support children in their effort to continue dreaming, keeping up their insatiable thirst for knowledge, free expression, creation and offer.

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