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Woman and Art Therapy

DATE: 17/10/2023 | News

Sophia Koukourli Art Psychotherapist

New Circle of Personal Therapy Sessions 2023 – 2024, aiming at the better knowledge of thyself and personal development

Woman’s life in the society has been significantly differentiated in the last decades. The big expectations and the multiple activities are quite compulsive. The woman of today is continuously being requested to prove her worthiness.

Her effort to respond to all these challenges and to successfully cope with issues of the everyday life, bring a decrease in occupying with herself, a silence of her inner voice and, in lots of cases, an intense psychological burden.

Art Therapy helps women to express and elaborate their deepest feelings. It allows them to be themselves and obtain a deeper image of their inner world.

With the support of the Art Therapist, the creative process and the paintings are utilized as a means of expression. The thoughts and emotions become symbols, promote the decrease of anxiety and achieve better and more personal relationships.

Through these art representations, past experiences are presented, and the healing procedure is accelerated by leading them, at the same time, to paths of wellness and relaxation.

For this procedure of internal discovery, no special skills of painting are required. The mood for creation is sufficient enough, imprinting a wide range of feelings and emotions to the artwork, which becomes a place beyond the limits of words.


Location: Tinos and Athens

Contact number: +30 6943 470 586


Art Psychotherapist: Sophia Koukourli (M.A. Art Psychotherapy) 

Tinos Hall Sponsor: Commercial and Industrial Association of Tinos  


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“Knowing thyself” (gnothi sauton) is the actual getting to knowing ourselves. Its true essence lies in caring for the soul, self-awareness, awareness of our skills, abilities and potential. It helps us understand the way we could act in order to gain the real self-awareness.

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153 41 Agia Paraskevi, Athens

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