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Vernal Equinox

DATE: 20/3/2024 | News

Sophia Koukourli - Art Psychotherapist

How our mentality is affected?

According to the Greek mythology, the Vernal Equinox is the time in which Persephone is returning back to Earth and near her mother Demeter, the goddess of agriculture, harvest, fertility, leaving the dark world of Pluto behind.

This phenomenon, in which the day and the night have almost the same duration, symbolizes the continuous search for interior balance. The person gradually leaves the introversion and the internalization of the feelings behind and is headed towards the light, into a transformative period of renaissance and personal “spring” that will lead to the path of balance. It symbolically comes to remind us the pursuit for harmony in the soul and spirit.  

Art Therapy, as a means of recognizing our emotions, leads to externalizing our inner world (landscape) and better knowing ourselves, having as a main goal the self-improvement and personal progress.

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“Knowing thyself” (gnothi sauton) is the actual getting to knowing ourselves. Its true essence lies in caring for the soul, self-awareness, awareness of our skills, abilities and potential. It helps us understand the way we could act in order to gain the real self-awareness.

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