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Individual art Exhibition with the title ‘Internal Image’

DATE: 1/8/2017 | News

Sophia Koukourli, Art Psychotherapist

In the context of the Festival of Tinos 2017

Sophia Koukourli is having her first art exhibition carried out with the title ‘Internal Image’ and it is presented in the context of the Festival of Tinos 2017. Through her works of art, she will guide us to a meeting with the self, the emotional, unconscious images that each one of us will be able to define on their own exploration.

Expression trough painting inspires us to tell stories and constitutes a living language that is narrative and pre-exists even before we learn to write.

When words are not enough we ask images and symbols to talk on our behalf.

A lover of the unconscious herself, Sophia Koukourli illustrates nostalgia for a different era when humans and nature lived in a harmonical symbiosis and reminds us of what must be protected as the apple of our eye: light and energy that emerge from that symbiosis. Life itself that is.

Parallel activities: art therapy workshops having the ‘internal image’ as topic that can be participated by children and adults without prior knowledge of painting.

Art Psychotherapist: Sophia Koukourli

Exhibition curated by: Elisabeth Ioannides, Art historian

Coordination Management: Elena Dellatola

Opening Event: 01/08/2017 - 20.00

Duration: 01-15/08/2017

Exhibition opening hours: 19.00 – 21.30

More information on the exhibition and the workshops on:


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“Knowing thyself” (gnothi sauton) is the actual getting to knowing ourselves. Its true essence lies in caring for the soul, self-awareness, awareness of our skills, abilities and potential. It helps us understand the way we could act in order to gain the real self-awareness.

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